A fiction writer, screenwriter, and columnist—Chen Qiufan (a.k.a. Stanley Chan) has published fiction in venues such as People’s Literature, Youth Literature, Science Fiction World, Esquire, and Chutzpah!. His futurism writing may be found at places like Slate and XPRIZE.

He has garnered numerous literary awards, including Taiwan’s Dragon Fantasy Award and China’s Galaxy and Xingyun(Nebula) Awards. In English translation, he has been featured in markets such as Clarkesworld, Pathlight, Lightspeed, Interzone, and F&SF. “The Fish of Lijiang” won a Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Award in 2012, and “The Year of the Rat” was selected by The Year’s Best Weird Fiction: Volume One. More of his fiction may be found in Invisible Planets.  Liu Cixin, China’s most prominent science fiction author, praised Chen’s debut novel,  Waste Tide(Chinese edition 2013; English edition scheduled for 2019 by Tor, translated by Ken Liu), as “the pinnacle of near-future SF writing.”

He previously worked for Google, Baidu, and a VR/Mocap leading Startup Noitom Technology for over ten years. Now He is running Thema Mundi Studio which developing his IPs. Also as an evangelist, he promote Chinese Science Fiction and tech trends domestically and internationally.