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欢迎来到陈楸帆的个人网站,在这里你可以找到关于我的创作、出版、活动以及合作联系方式。网站题图由艺术家Jasu Hu创作,感谢她的授权。


Welcome to Chen Qiufan’s (A.K.A. Stanley Chan) Website. You can find everything about my writing, publication, events and collaboration contact here. The headline illustrated by Jasu Hu and thanks for her permission.

Hope you enjoy the trip:)


  1. Dear Mr. Chen,

    It’s a pleasure to meet you over email. My name is Olivia and I’m the Arts & Culture Programme Specialist at the World Economic Forum based in Geneva. My work consists of curating the arts & culture programme for our global summits and collaborating with cultural leaders to create a more human centred dialogue across our platform.

    At the moment, my colleagues and I are in the process of preparing our upcoming summit in China this September, discovering artists and shaping our programme to reflect some of the most pressing issues facing society today. It was your fascinating background in both science fiction literature and your experience in the tech sector that really piqued our interest.

    Therefore, I would be very interested to start a conversation with you and hear about your ongoing projects. I would be very happy to set up a phone call and take that opportunity to also tell you more about our programming and past engagement with artists.

    Thank you for your time and I very much look forward to the possibility of connecting!

    Best Wishes,

    Olivia De Dreuzy
    Programme Specialist, Arts and Culture
    World Economic Forum
    tel :+41 79 834 5236

  2. 我在写一篇关于雾霾的文学艺术研究,你的文章是我主要材料之一。希望你能继续写这样反应中国环境社会和政治现况的科幻小说。

    1. 谢谢,我的《荒潮》同样也是讨论这一问题的,有空可以一看。

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